About Shannon


Shannon started her riding career as a young girl, showing in the hunter/jumper ring in Saskatchewan. In 1999 she was inspired by Anky Van Grunsven's dressage demonstration at Spruce Meadows and turned her efforts towards dressage. Shannon trained with Henk Glijn for two years at his training facility in B.C. with her Andalusian Stallion Lepanto. In addition, she gained experience riding horses from training level to Grand Prix. In 2006, Shannon graduated from the College of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan while continuing to train and show her Andalusian stallion Lepanto. In 2003, she and Lepanto had the honor of qualifying to compete at the North America Young Rider's Competition. This amazing experience has left Shannon with the goal of representing her country. In 2004, Shannon began to show the KWPN gelding Monaco owned by Sayoko Nakatani of Japan. Together they have won numerous provincial championships in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Most recently she and Monaco trained with Gina Smith of Ontario where she was able to enjoy competition at the SSG/I1 level with respectable scores in the high sixties and low seventies. Shannon has had the good fortune to clinic with multiple world champion Anky Van Grunsven, Canadian Olympian's Cindy and Neil Ishoy, US Olympian Charlotte Bredahl Baker, and Canadian Olympian Gina Smith. Shannon is a down to earth and appreciative person and humbly thanks her family and friends for making her exciting riding career a reality.

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Email: shannon@breederdirect.net

What We Do

We go out and look at every horse before we post them on our site. Buyers call us directly to find out how the horse was to ride, handle on the ground and its suitability for the purposes you are intending. Note: not all horses previewed are listed. We take video and photos of each horse to provide the potential purchaser a complete picture of the horse from all angles. Show footage is provided if applicable and available. up to 85% of our buyers are able to make a purchase decision from the video and a discussion with us regarding the horse, and a vet check. We arrange Pre-purchase exams, and any x-rays the Purchaser may require. We arrange safe, cost effective shipping by experienced and careful haulers, to make sure your horse arrives to you healthy and happy. We are always previewing horses on video tape and in person, so we have a keen eye on the horse market.

How it usually goes for Buyers

A buyer sees a horse they like advertised with Breeder Direct. They contact us by telephone or by email about the horse. We answer questions about the horse and if the horse sounds like a good fit for the buyer we send them a video tape of that horse (and usually a few others for comparison purposes). If the purchaser is interested in the horse following seeing the video tape they usually contact us by telephone and make an offer. If the offer is accepted by the seller, a pre-purchase exam is arranged. If the horse meets the requirements as set out in the pre-purchase exam (the potential purchaser and the veterinarian usually discuss this on the telephone, and if x rays are required they are also arranged) payment follows, usually by wire transfer direct to the seller’s bank account.We arrange for shipping/export to the purchaser’s destination and the horse moves to his/her new home! In about 15% of cases the potential purchaser comes out to look at the horse, in which case there is a deposit placed on the horse so that it will not be sold in the time it takes for the purchaser to fly out and see the horse in person. The buyer flying out to see the horse has the first right of refusal in these cases.

How it usually goes for Sellers

We are contacted about a horse(s) someone wishes to sell. We arrange to preview the horse(s). We preview the horse, and ride them if they are started under saddle. If we are able to market their horse we agree on a price and begin marketing the horse. We take the "roller coaster" ride out of selling your horse. We handle all inquires about the horse from phone calls to emails, and send videos as required. The horse owner does not need to get involved unless they wish to market their horse as well, with the videos and photos we provide. Viewings and vet exams are arranged. The owner will usually need to be in attendance for vet exams if the buyer is not present or to haul to a clinic for x rays for example. We communicate with the buyer with offers and counter offers, as required. We arrange for payment to be made. We arrange for the shipping and exportation (if required) of the horse to his/her new home, though the seller loads the horse on the trailer.

How we are paid

We are paid for video and photographs taken at the site and a commission, if we introduce the buyer to the seller in which case we charge 7% of the first $10,000 and 5% after that. Potential buyers pay $15 to receive a video - and we can fit up to 4-5 horses per DVD. (postage, dubbing etc.) We charge the buyer a day fee and mileage if we take buyers out to look at horses. The owner is free to market the horse themselves. No commission is paid where the buyer does not hear of the horse through Breeder Direct. The owner is provided with all photos and video of the horse listed.

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