Need Help Selling Your Quality Bred Performance Horse?

Introducing $20 + GST  Short Ads - no commission

Starting March 2015, owners may submit ads directly to Breeder Direct without in person  pre-inspection by Val, Lisa or Shannon.

We do not go out to see the horse, you supply us with one GREAT photo and pertinent details using the Breeder Direct listing format noted below. The  full two page ad is also available, allowing you to submit several photos and more detail. $50 + GST.

Contact Lisa, Val or Shannon to place your ad. (automated system still under development)  Changes and edits $10  Breeder Direct reserves the right to refuse any listing not suitable for the website. Farm rate available, contact Lisa, Shannon or Val for details.

Listing format:

Horse Name, Age, height colour, breed if registered (provide registration number) sex, sire/dam sire. 

Your details about the horse.

Location of horse, contact name and phone number, email

Maximum number of words: 100

Breeder Direct has spent over 15 years going out to personally inspect horses prior to listing them on our website. We have been fortunate to maintain a great reputation and following over the years.  This service is still available and you are welcome to contact any one of us, Lisa Longtin, Val Sanford or Shannon Sluser to list your horse.

How it works:

1. Sales commission is charged upon successful completion of a sale of a buyer introduced by Breeder Direct. Minimum $500 + GST or 10% + gst of sale price, whichever is greater. If the horse sells, where the buyer has not been introduced to the seller by Breeder Direct, no commission is paid.

2. Cost to video tape and photograph your horse is $300.00 + GST per horse plus travel expenses. The more horses in a given area the lower the travel expenses, farm rates available. Trip organisers will receive one free listing. It takes about 2.5 hours to preview and video each horse. You will want to present your horse in their best light, so we encourage you have them in the best shape possible, show groomed and well ridden.

3. We do not guarantee that we will list all horses previewed, horses who are previewed and not listed do not pay any fees.

4. Video and Photos taken by Breeder Direct will be released to the owner for their use to market their horse, should they so decide. Please ask the same price as advertised with Breeder Direct.

5. If the horse is sold by other means (the horse owner sells the horse to a buyer who did not hear of the horse through Breeder Direct) no commission is charged.

6. Horses are listed for six months. There is no charge to remove your horse if you decide not to sell before the six month period. If you decide to reactivate your horse's listing, after taking the listing down, the cost is $60.00. Horses who have changed significantly, a new listing may need to be completed with the regular listing fees.

If you are unable to have us come out to look at your horse, you may wish to send us a short video of your horse (conformation shots, and walk, trot and canter at their highest level of training), along with a detailed description of that horse. We have sold a number of horses to buyers we are working with and charge 15% commission for this service.

Please send short videos to:

Val Sanford
Box 40 RR # 5
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7K 3J8

and include all contact information, any photos you would like to share, and critical information.